Ungnan Tri is father of Alichi Tri and Hanil Tri, husband Vanda Tri. Ungnan was monk in Last Sun Temple. He was member of The yellow council from year 69 TE til year 74 TE, when he gave the position to his son.

Biography Edit

Nothing is known about his early years. Even his parents name. He is born in year 27 TE. His parents died when he was 2 years old and til year 45 TE he was in orphanage. In year 47 TE he married Vanda Tri. In the same year she gave birth to Hanil Tri. In year 52 TE, when he was disputed with his wife he cheated her with Valleria Trihinni. She gave birth to Alichi Tri. He don't wanted others to know about it and sent her with the child to Second Water Empire. In year 85 TE he was killed by Alichi Tri.