Shchiw Tri was oldest son of Nalgaron Tri. He was born in year 96 TE, in the same day when Alichi Tri died. After his sister' death (12 C) he became king of Air monarchy

Biography Edit

He was oldest son of Nalgaron Tri, also he was the most loved one. He learned to work alll his life, til year 12 C. In year 14 C Saint empire attacked Air monarchy and conquered it, while conquering Anguish Tri and Anastasia Tri died with holera. He still was the king, but Air tribe lost it's faith. In year 20 C, he refused from new faith, Onoraho. He was king of Air monarchy til Crest Wars, in year 27 C, when Fire people killed him.

Family Edit

He was son of Nalgaron Tri and Afida Tri. His wife name's Akiva Tri. They got a three children, their names're Haemo Tri, Lull Tri, Ayne Tri.