Second War was a war between Fire people and other nations. It started in 50 SE. It is started by Fire lord Alador.

The War Edit

Fire people destroyed Jao Ri air library to show that they broke Peace contract between 4 nations. As they were friends of Air tribe they didn't attack it. They started to attack Water nation. They conquered all it' territories. Than they attacked Earth nation. They conquered everything to modern Van Do gorge. To better defend Earth kingdom they built Darlan, last capital of Earth kingdom, previous was Manganatra. Earth nation asked for help to Air tribe and they together conquered Fire empire. The end of the war was on year 76 SE.

Aftermath Edit

After this war Earth nation controlled Fire people territories for eight years. In year 84 there was Earth revolution. Fire empire used this time and restored it's empire, but they couldn't control eastern part of their current empire. Hardest hit by the war hit to Water nation. In the war Fire people sent a horrible disease to Water nation, because they weren't immune to it. This disease killed half of them, 80% died from complications and two third of remaining couldn't use Waterbending. Than they separated into many tribes.