Nele or full name Selenn Nele Ergeron is daughter of Ashada Mara and Lennear. Her mother is member of Fire people, father - Forsaken. She is born in year 44 C.

Biography Edit

She is born in year 44 C. She was only child in the family. Her mother didn't know about that Lennear is a spy of Forsaken. In year 49 C Ashada Mara understood that she is different. She betrayed Lennear and killed him. She wanted to kill her daughter, but than she was kidnapped. She grew as orphan. In year 53 C Death King took her to become next queen of Halla Tor. In year 61 C she guards Forsaken City from United Nations, therefore she becames queen in year 63 C. In the same year she spells a plague on Fire people resulting that 10 000 of them dies.