Nalgaron Tri is son of Alichi Tri and Alichi's dead wife - Haila Tri. He is born in year 73 TE.

Biography Edit

It is known that he is born in Air monarchy capital Rugitalita in year 73 TE. In year 82 TE his mother died in front of his eyes. She were killed by Magnumar as he wanted to destroy Alichi family. In year 81 TE he became king of Air monarchy. He imroves the quality of education and health. In year 94 TE he married Afida Tri. In year 96 TE his father died, in the same day he became father of Shchiw Tri. In year 97 TE Afida gaves birth to Angulish Tri, Anastasia Tri and Daena Tri. In year 104 TE Nalgaron and Afida mystically disappears. While Nalgaron was king education and health had new discoveries. It reached unprecedented heights.