Myth isle tribe


Gi Alimali


24 000




Eastern Water tribe and Green order.

Myth tribe is only tribe of Earth nation. It is one of two tribes in the world, which still believe to totems. This tribe controls Myth isle and Manganatra. Myth Isle is the venue of events referred in Earth nation mythology. This tribe is only part of Earth nation that is not dependent of Red order. This tribe is allied with Eastern tribe and Green order, together creating Silver ally

Appearance Edit

As members of Eastern Water tribe they are short. Their height for males is 169 - 176 cm, for women 163 - 170 cm. Their skin color is mostly brown, but they staines their bodies. Their eye color is green. These people don't use Earthbending, they use more ancient bending art - Naturebending. They don't got an economy, because they don't form contacts with outside world, except Green order and Eastern tribe.

History Edit

This tribe has most ancient culture in the world, that is still alive. Once they were rulers of Earth kingdom, they controlled everything, but after Second War started a new dynasty, that destroyed their totem faith. So they went to the Myth isle, where they would live peacefully.