House of Tri

Known members of House of Tri

House of Tri is ruling dynasty of Air monarchy. It is founded by Alichi Tri, who also founded Air monarchy. It was continued by his children. When Shchiw Tri was king Crest Wars started, destroying most of the family.

Known members Edit

Destruction of family Edit

Crest Wars was unexpected event for everybody. The first nation, which suffered from it was Air tribe. Shchiw Tri died when someone assasinated him. His son, Haemo Tri became king. He felt bad for his father and made strong guards. Elamar Tri went to defend Air monarchy, he died in a battlefield. Fire people cut his body in many parts and ate it. His bones were used for a ritual that might help them destroy Air monarchy. When Ayne Tri knew about it, she went to battlefield to help injured ones, she also died. When Fire people attacked Rugitalita, part of the building fell on Anavyx Tri, there was also Ida and Elador Tri. Ida saved Elador, but she died. Lull Tri was different, he went to battlefield to help Air tribe, saying to Fire people what Air tribe will do, but he said wrong. After one of battles in which Fire people lost 10,000 people he was killed by them. Elador and Idchera went to live with their uncle til the end of the war. Fire people kidnapped Afecha, she was so nervouse that she made a suicide.