Halamo, or Halamo Nunadar Gich is Fire nation ruler. He is founder of the Saint empire and Onoraho. A new religion founded by himself. Halamo is born in year 79 TE.

Biography Edit

Halamo is a far relative to Kualdar Gich. He was born in year 79 TE in a rich family of Akravice. His father was mayor of the city. He always wanted to restore the glory of his family name and the nation at all. In year 83 TE someone kidnapped him and selled as a slave to one of Fire nation' prisons. He worked there til the year 90 TE, when he ran away from it. He started to work in Akravice as a vendor. After a cople years (95 TE) he found his family... in grave. His home were burned and even his sister was killed (Akravice revolution). In year 100 TE he founded the religion of Onoraho. In the next year he founded Saint empire. In year 4 C he married Uzula Ag'ala Gich. In year 7 C she gave birth to Illa Gich, but Uzula died. In the same year he married Lana Ulana Gich. She killed Halamo and continued what he started.