Northern Forsaken Union - Nio Fleng Southern Forsaken Union - Ala'al D'ier Cyrth Union - Jai Clerrfenng


35 000

Forsaken are people, who can bend all magics. As they are different they are forsaken.

History Edit

With start of The Crusades Illaer Forsakk discovered that he can bend more than one kind of magics. He telled it many people and it was start of Forsaken movement. They call themselves Lords of Magic. As they became dependent of it they started to take more and more. With the start of Crest Wars Fire people, who once were their friends betrayed them and killed most of them. In year 49 C they started War against Forsaken in which Forsaken turned many of them into Undead, soon they signed a peace treaty with them. In year 53 C was Forsaken revolution. Death King became their king, as he is Undead he started to make Forsaken to slaves.

Appearance Edit

Their hair can vary in each color. They ears are longer than other races. Their skin is pale, or dark. Their average height is 185 cm.

Faith Edit

They don't got a faith, but there is one thing which is inclusive to everybody. They believe to reincarnation.

Abilities Edit

This nation can bend more than one kind of magics. Their magics is also more powerful than that which have got other nations.