First war was a war between Fire people and Earth nation. It started in first era, in year 321. It is started by Fire Lord Gan Gill.

The War Edit

Fire people conquered many territories of Earth kingdom. Even hundred kilometers south of modern Darlan. Than Earth nation paybacked to Fire nation. They occupied all Fire empire and plundered it. They destroyed Jilguire and left in it's place Spidergorge. But some part of Jilguire is still left - Parliament house. War ended in year 342, when Gan Gill refused from throne. After the war all 4 nations signed peace contract.

Aftermath Edit

After the war was start of Second era. Fire empire capital - Jilduire was destroyed. It fell in the Spidergorge. A big economic crisis started in Fire empire. All 4 nations signed a peace contract in Jao Ri air library, which 50 years later was destroyed by Fire nation to show that they broke the contract. It was start of the Second War.