Fire empire
Fire empire flag
Fire empire flag.

Last ruler

Kualdar Gich




200 000

National Value


Fire empire was a monarchy. It was an absolute monarchy led by the Fire lord.

History Edit

Fire empire was founded in year 0 FE. It controlled Fire continent. In year 500 SE it failed.

Government Edit

Fire empire government consists of Fire Lord and a Parliament. Parliament has 10 deputes, they helps Fire lord to create laws. Fire lord has unlimited power.

Social sphere Edit

Education and work Edit

Kids in fire empire has to learn 9 years. They start to learn in age of 6. Fire people boys than starts to work in the army. They work there til age of 30, when they end their job. Than they start to work in industry, but women usually are housewives in this age. Law states that everyone must retire at the age of 60.

Demography, social care and health care Edit

Average men of Fire empire lives approximately 75 years, but women - 80. In Fire empire there are good social care, but not in the army. Approximately 30% of Fire empire budget goes to education, social and health care.

Army Edit

Fire people army had 70 000 men. It is biggest of all armies in the Grom. Fire empire has approximately 30 Air balloons. It is one of two nations that has these balloons. Also it has a Royal guard, infantry and a fleet. It has second biggest fleet in Grom.

Territories Edit

Occupied territories Edit