Eastern tribe or Eastern water tribe is a tribe that is located in eastern part of Water Monarchy. It has 17 000 members, so it is third biggest tribe. It is one of two tribes that still believe to totems, second one is Earth kindom' Myth tribe. It is only tribe which still practices ancient Waterbending style. Their lifestyle is still the same as it was before First era. They live in Eastern isle. Tribe' capital is Nalacadu.

Appearance Edit

It is only tribe which members has black eye color. Members of this tribe are longer. Males are 166 - 172 cm, females 163 - 169 cm.

Faith Edit

As other members of Water nation they believe to spirits. They have also totems. These totems are: bear, hawk, rabbit, squirrel, sparrow and others. Every person has a totem, it sybolises person' most important characteristic.