Fire people

Ruler (de jure)

Kualdar Gich

Ruler (de facto)

Green order


2 000

Dutarland also sometimes known as Duarland or Datarland is a swampy area in Fire empire controlled by Green order. Kno'di dam and Gultaran is located there. It is surrounded by the sea to the east, Kno'di river to the south and Kno'di lake to the east. Recently, in year 100 TE Kno'di dam failed and killed most of Dutarland' inhabbitants.

Flora and Fauna Edit

In Dutarland Flora is very interesting. Mushrooms there are as big as trees. This swamp has many lakes. Also there are Madi - seeds of Firetree, many different bushes and flowers.

Fauna in Dutarland is very small. Here livess many insects and reptiles. Also here lives roes. Here don't live any predators.

Demography Edit

Mostly here lives Fire people, but also here lives many people of Earth nation.