Chronicles of Grom: Death King is first game in Grom universe series, often it is referred to as CoG. It is a MMORPG game.

Features Edit

Gameplay systemEdit

  • Quests
  • mail system
  • auction system
  • battlegrounds
  • world events
  • Max level - 50

Races Edit

Forsaken Edit

Forsaken is a race that is more suffered in past few years than other races. Forsaken belongs to Halla Tor. Forsaken can be: Mage, Druid, Rogue, Demon. When you start as Forsaken you get:

  1. 100 Health
  2. 200 Magic
  3. 200 Stamina
  4. +10 skill bonus to Alchemy
  5. You take 50% less falling damage.
  6. 50% bonus to spell attack.

Undead Edit

Undead is a race, that once was members of Fire people. When they start a War against Forsaken, Forsaken made them Undead. One of them started to lead the Halla Tor. They belong to Halla Tor and they can be: Shaman, Warrior, Rogue, Vampire. When you start as Undead you get:

  1. 150 Health
  2. 100 Magic
  3. 100 Stamina
  4. 300% bonus to swim underwater.
  5. You receive twice as much health when eating
  6. 50% natural resistance to spell attack.

Air tribe Edit

Air tribe is a tribe that belongs to Halla Tor. Air tribe member can be: Druid, Shaman, Priest, Mage.

  1. 150 Health
  2. 100 Magic
  3. 150 Stamina
  4. 50% bonus to running.
  5. Natural resistance of Airbending.
  6. +10 skill bonus to Herbalism.

Fire people Edit

Fire people are leaders of United Nations. They can be: Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Assasin. Fire people receives:

  1. 180 Health
  2. 70 Magic
  3. 100 Stamina
  4. Natural resistance to Firebending.
  5. +10 skill bonus to Blacksmithing.
  6. Magic not needed for Firebending.

Earth nation Edit

Earth nation is biggest of all nations of the world. They belong to United Nations, they can be: Druid, Priest, Warrior, Mage. They receive:

  1. 150 Health
  2. 100 Magic
  3. 150 Stamina
  4. Ability to create things faster than other races.
  5. +10 skill bonus to Enchanting.
  6. +10 bonus to attack with bow.

Water nation Edit

Water nation is one of nations which is suffered the most. It is member of United Nations and it members can be: Warrior, Shaman, Rogue, Assasin. They receive:

  1. 150 Health
  2. 100 Magic
  3. 150 Stamina
  4. + 10 bonus to Trading
  5. Ability to tame animals without learning.
  6. +10 bonus to Healing.