Alichi Tri was half-brother of Hanil Tri, son of Ungnan Tri and Valleria Trihinni. He was king of Air monarchy. He is born in year 52 TE, died in year 96 TE, when he was 54 year old. His wife name was Haila Tri. He has a son Nalgaron Tri, he is a powerful Airbender.

Biography Edit

He is born in year 52 TE. Ungnan don't wanted his wife to know about Alichi. Ungnan sent Valleria to Second Water Empire. They lived poor. In year 69 TE his mother became rich as she opened a private-school. In year 72 TE she died, he closed the school. In year 81 TE he went to Air tibe' territory. 82 TE was a tragic year for his family, Magnumar wanted to destroy Air tribe and killed his wife Haila Tri in front of his son. So he saved as much as he could - his son. In year 85 TE he killed Ungnan Tri and Hanil Tri. He closed The yellow council and became king of Air monarchy. He made a big revolution in year 85 TE.

Death Edit

In year 87 TE he became ill. He slowly started to die, until in year 96 TE he died.

Abilities Edit

He is a powerful airbender. Only Magnumar is more powerful. Many people say that he has also a secret powers. He uses Poisonbending to affect other people. This bending art 'poisons' the air and mades an enemy to a friend. This bending art can also kill with the 'poison'.